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In this course you will train your skills in predicting the Cardic Output of critically ill patients. During the course you evaluate 7 sets of hemodynamic measurements:

  • Allround patient information,
  • Consciousness,
  • Kidney
  • Skin

Based on these parameters you will be asked to predict the patients Cardic Output.

Main Goal

More knowledge on the predictive value of all hemodynamic parameters in estimating cardiac output could assist physicians in earlier detection of impaired hemodynamics without the need for invasive or advanced methods.

Improving your observational and diagnostic skills without using expensive, intrusive and time consuming methods is the main goal of this course.

How to Finish the Course

You passed the course when you correctly predicted 17 out of the last 20 cases. However, if you feel like it, you can keep on practicing as there are 300 cases in the course.

Intended Students

This course is intended for Medical students and IC professionals who want to improve their observational and diagnostic skills in patient evaluation.

Based on

This course is developed by ‘Simple Intensive Care Studies I’ (https://thesics.com/) sponsored by University Medical Center Groningen.

The purpose of the SICS study is to understand the concepts and mechanisms which underlie the complexities of organ failure in critically ill patients.